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‘Nail down anything valuable’ Village in ‘lockdown’ as 100 caravans descend for festival


The situation, dubbed a “mini” festival, saw caravans pitched up on a field which hosts car boot sales on a regular basis. One resident suggested they should “nail down anything valuable.”

Another resident confirmed to Somerset Live the charity shop is closed because of “threatening behaviour.”

A third said: “To drive through Cheddar this afternoon was like a full lockdown again – I can’t think these businesses wouldn’t shut if it wasn’t serious.”

A local also wrote: “Young louts from the ‘rally’ went along the High Street in Cheddar this afternoon shouting and acting as louts, kicking rubbish boxes onto the busy main road.

“When asked to stop and pick them up, being met with a tirade of the foulest language ever.”

Owners of shops and pubs have claimed they have been pressured to shut in Cheddar, after they received abuse from customers.

The village was hit by anti-social behaviour and villagers have claimed the festival-goers have caused traffic problems throughout the village.

One worried resident wrote on Facebook: “Who thought it was a good idea to hold the biggest caravan rally I’ve ever seen in the village?”

A local football club has also delayed their match because of a “situation” unfolding in the village. 

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“Hopefully, Mr Hann [the owner of the field] won’t have any unexpected difficulties.”

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