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New Call of Duty Warzone map revealed: When does new Caldera map come out?


The new Warzone Caldera map is coming out very soon, and the Call of Duty team has started dropping intel on what to expect.

As expected, the new Pacific map is set in the 1944 era but will not be limited to the weaponry of the time.

The first season of the new Warzone experience will add fresh weapons and vehicles to a map that will be new to everyone.

And even though gamers who own Vanguard will get first access, it won’t provide much in the way of advantage.

Set at only 24-hours, the exclusivity period will only help those who are dropping into Warzone a lot next week.

Learning the map will take time, and Activision is helping with the process by showcasing the map and its first points of interest with gamers this week.

Caldera is split into 15 different areas, each boasting their own POIs and features. The map will be the same for gamers across PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms and is sure to include some interesting Easter eggs and secrets.

And some big changes are being made to Warzone without there being a new map to explore.

The Ghost perk is being nerfed, meaning its usefulness is being dialed back, and loadouts will not be available to buy straight away.

Instead, Raven Software will make gamers wait until the first ones drop from the sky before another loadout drop can be bought.

Raven revealed its plans today, telling fans: “In addition to detailing those exact changes, Raven Software looked closely at various equipment pieces, such as nerfs to Stun Grenades and Heartbeat Sensors. They also took another look at dual-wielded melee weapons – the Kali Stick and Sai – to give justice to all ghosts who lived a second life too short during The Haunting.

“The results? Expect the aforementioned equipment and weaponry to be adjusted to be less potent in the Warzone, along with gun-butting no longer being the primary method of attack on the Caldera.

“Another change involves Loadout Drop Markers – they can now only be purchased from Buy Stations after the Loadout Drop event occurs in a match, effectively shifting their usefulness from an immediate power spike to a more tactical choice in the mid to end game.

“Along with these nerfs, several Lethal and Tactical Equipment pieces will see much-needed buffs. Most Lethal Equipment will deal more damage, while the Snapshot Grenade will see its effective radius increase, the Stim will also apply a slight movement boost, and the Decoy Grenade will pack rubber bullets that deal just enough damage to pester enemies.”


Activision has confirmed that the new Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map release date has been delayed until December 8, 2021.

For Vanguard gamers, Warzone will unlock on December 8 across all platforms, but the same won’t be in place for everyone else.

Those who just play Warzone for free will have to wait until December, with Activision posting on the official Call of Duty Twitter page:

“Update: Season 1 of #Vanguard and Warzone Pacific will now release Dec 8. Vanguard owners will have 24-hour exclusive first play access to the Caldera map. Open access begins on Dec. 9.”

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