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New high quality craft beer boxes make a cracking Christmas present for beer lovers


Your Christmas just got turned up several notches, as we’ve got a cracking beer deal for you.

So, we recently started this craft beer club called Hopsmore. We think that craft beer is one of the tastiest things around, and want to spread the word.

As part of our Hopsmore beer club, we’ve launched some Christmas beer boxes so you put yourself or someone else on a journey of craft beer discovery.

They contain 20 craft beers, with 10 different styles and two of each style. So, you can really experience a variety, and you might become a bit of a connoisseur if you aren’t already.

To buy this box you don’t need to subscribe to anything, so there’s no commitment required. This means that it’s perfect Christmas present material. If you have a beer-loving friend or relative, why not get this box delivered to their door, for a Christmas surprise present.

Buy our one-off Christmas craft beer box here, with £5 off!

When you fancy a can, all you need to do is dive in and grab one with this box. You’ll always have company for watching a Christmas film.

You’ll also always have something to go with a mince pie or box of Quality Street!

How much does it cost?

It’s the season of giving, so we’re going to give you an extra £5 off when you use the code 5XMASBOX at the checkout. This means that it will come to only £30, while it’s worth over £45.

So, you’re actually only paying £1.50 can, which is much cheaper than you would ordinarily pay per can elsewhere.

Buy our one-off Christmas craft beer box here, with £5 off!

What is it perfect for?

It’s perfect for those cold, winter days when you fancy a beer, but the warmth of your heating seems so much more appealing than heading to the shops.

With this box, there’s no need for heading to your local pub for pricey pints or long shopping queues.

You can just crack open a can and enjoy!

It’s also great for Christmas day, New Year’s Eve, or any other gatherings or parties you might have over winter. Since there are 20 cans and 10 different styles in each box, there’s something to suit a range of tastes.

If you’ve got a friend or relative who loves their beer. Get it delivered straight to their door, for a thoughtful Christmas present that they’ll remember.

Buy our one-off Christmas craft beer box here, with £5 off! 

What beers are included?

From pale ales to stouts, our Christmas box has a variety of great craft beers. See below, and read here to see what beers you’ll receive.

  • Gun Brewery’s Scaramanga Extra Pale
  • Glasgow Beer Works’ American Pale Ale
  • Whitewater’s Maggie’s Leap
  • First Chop’s Jus
  • Quantock’s The Fear
  • Freedom’s New World Pils
  • Moor Beer’s Revival
  • West Berkshire’s Detour
  • First Chop’s Joe
  • Tempest’s Modern Helles

What else will you get?

There’s no need to worry about getting an added cost at the checkout, as the box comes with free UK tracked delivery.

You’ll also get a snack thrown in. So, you can munch away while discovering diverse craft beer.

Don’t miss out, grab yourself our Christmas beer box here while you can.

Please drink responsibly. 18+ only

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