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New World update 1.1.2 patch notes, server downtime schedule: Amazon fixes Housing issue


New World fans can download a brand new update for the popular Amazon MMORPG.

Making a handful of improvements, New World update 1.1.2 is available to download and install right now.

Unfortunately, however, the update launches alongside a period of server downtime.

The New World server downtime runs for approximately 3-hours, which means it should be back online by 10am GMT.

Sometimes Amazon discovers further issues during the downtime, so don’t be surprised if it gets extended.

As for the new update, Amazon has fixed issues with the New World servers and housing.

Specifically, players can re-purchase houses that were lost during a recent rollback. The only downside is that you’ll need to pay taxes on them.

Furthermore, Amazon has provided some additional groundwork for server merges, which should make things run smoothly.

Finally, Amazon has put an end to the limited time Turkey Terror event, although it will almost certainly return next year.

The New World update 1.1.2 patch notes in full…


• Technical groundwork for server merges

World Experience

• The limited time “Turkey Terror” world event has been disabled and will return in the future. Gobble Gobble.


• Players are now able to repurchase and utilize houses that were lost during a rollback. This should also allow players to pay taxes on houses they own if they encountered this issue

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