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Nintendo Switch Online could be getting Game Boy and Game Boy Color games this month


The following year SNES games were added to the service, and it had been hoped this annual update schedule would continue into 2020.

Sadly, when September 2020 hit another new console wasn’t added to the Switch Online service.

It’s unclear whether that was the original plan, but the coronavirus pandemic has been playing havoc with all aspects of our lives – as well as with scheduling of gaming events, updates and game releases and more.

At the time of writing, the Switch Online service offers access to over 100 NES and SNES games, as well as the ability to play multiplayer games on your Switch online.

The library of retro games available with Switch Online has grown over time, with 20 NES games available at launch and 20 SNES games available on day one as well.

So, if Nintendo follows this pattern Switch fans can expect a similar amount of Game Boy games to be available this month.

But what Game Boy games could be added to Switch Online?

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