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Nokular launches £10 off its no-wheat bird food including a free garden birds calendar


There’s something so peaceful about having a nice cuppa and watching the birds that flock in and out of your garden. Feeding birds in your garden can be a great way of attracting various beautiful species from Goldfinches and Magpies to Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Robins – but what best to feed birds can be tricky to decide. 

Luckily up and coming business Nokular is on hand to help with its high-quality seasonal bird food that is delivered straight to your door. Only the best for your garden birds! 

Bird lovers and business owners Riana and Matt know that birds have different needs. 

They work with local farmers to source the most nutritious seasonal ingredients, to ensure your feathered friends are always getting the right (and delicious) food. Their current winter mix is perfect for the colder months and includes sunflower hearts, mealworm and chopped peanuts. 

The best part is that Nokular is currently offering £10 off orders over £35 – and they’ll even throw in a FREE garden bird calendar packed with heaps of beautiful pictures to help you identify the species visiting your garden. 

Oh, and because they want to make sure they’re doing their bit to protect the planet, all of their packaging is fully recyclable or completely reusable. Their lovely jute packaging has a handle for ease of use and a zipper to avoid any spillage! 

So just to recap, that’s the best ingredients, sustainable packaging and no hidden costs. 

Getting your bird food is really simple too. Simply order a sack of bird food online, and they will deliver direct to your door. (They also offer FREE UK delivery on all orders). 

You can even sign up for a subscription to take the faff out of needing to remember to grab more bird food – and you can also adjust your deliveries if you find that you’re often having a little left over, or you’re starting to run out. 

To claim the £10 discount on orders over £35, simply head to nokular.com or call 0330 1334726. 

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