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‘Not looked back’: Woman shares ‘lush’ hair transformation after hair thinning problems


There are many different types of extensions including clip-in, tape-in, sew-in and glue-ins. While all vary in price, extensions can be colour-matched to your hair to make sure they are natural and blended in. Speaking to Express.co.uk, one woman has shared her incredible hair journey.

“This method is discreet and comfortable and is really useful for those with finer hair and for those who would like to add hair in more prominent areas, like the fringe. 

“However, this method does not allow the hair to be reused, so new hair is needed each time. 

“We love this versatile method – as we can make tiny tiny bonds where needed and offer something more for clients who need a really discreet method of adding hair. 

“The micro bonds will last for three months.”

“I went to see my GP and had visited so many hair clinics as I became so conscious and aware of the condition of my hair when out and about. 

“I think all the stress and trauma from previous years really changed my hair. 

“I then came across Vixen & Blush. 

“They said they could transform my hair whilst letting my natural hair grow. 

“They fitted some gentle extensions and I have not looked back. 

“My hair is now lush and I feel so very glamorous. I can’t thank them enough.”

The cost of her transformation from the London hair salon cost £545, and the hair extensions are not reusable.

After the three months, Misbah can decide whether she wants to have new hair extensions applied or continue with her intense hair care regime.

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