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‘Optimal times’ to shop at Tesco, Asda & Sainsbury’s – best time for yellow sticker deals


Food shopping for a large family can be expensive and budgeting is one great way of making money stretch further each month. This can be done through eating own-brand food rather than branded as well as shopping for yellow sticker labels. Experts at thinkmoney have offered advice on how to food shop on a budget.

The experts added: “A lot of the other supermarkets don’t have set times, so try to figure out when they start reducing items by doing your shop in the evening.”

For those who aren’t fussy, shopping in the reduced section may help families to shop on a tight budget.

Items can be picked up for pennies in the dedicated yellow sticker label section.

The experts went on: “Larger supermarkets will often have plenty of reductions on items set to expire, and so you can pick up a few things to last you the week at a fraction of the cost.

As well as looking out for yellow sticker labels, another way to save a huge amount of money is to pick up own-branded foods.

According to the budgeting experts, the price for branded goods is often a lot higher but often “the quality isn’t that different from the other products offered”.

They added: “For example, a box of Coco Pops is £2.89 from Asda, whereas the own-brand version (which is also slightly larger) is just £1.40 – less than half the price. 

“The change in price clearly hasn’t affected the quality, with the cereal rated at nearly five stars with many shoppers commenting that they taste just the same as the branded version.

“However, it’s understandable that you might still have your favourites. To test the water, try swapping out a few own-brand products in your shops and see which ones you can live without.

“Reducing your meat consumption can be beneficial for your wallet as well as your health and the environment. By switching out meat just one day a week, you could halve the price of one of your meals.

“For example, using Tesco recipes and prices, the ingredients for this beef stir fry work out at around £12.50, whereas the ingredients for this vegetable katsu stir fry cost roughly £7. Additionally, the ingredients for this green lentil curry come in at under £6.50, and the ingredients for this chicken curry are just shy of £10.

“This isn’t to say that meat-free is always the cheapest food, as some meat substitutes can be quite expensive and difficult to find. However, one thing you can be certain of is that going veggie can help you save money at the supermarket if you’re smart with what you choose to cook.”

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