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Owner leaves people sobbing after making Christmas decoration from dying dog’s last stick


The 12-year-old dog, called Boycie, started to slow down earlier this year, and was diagnosed with a heart tumour, becoming more reluctant to go out. But on his final walk, the dying dog brought home a huge stick that his owner knew would be perfect to recreate an idea she’d seen online.

The 48-year-old said: “Boycie was a good boy and a really lovely dog. Whenever we went out we would bring him a stick back, and when we found out he wasn’t very well, we started saving a couple because I’d seen an idea on Pinterest that I wanted to do – and I knew just the right dog to find me one.”

The mum-of-three created a beautiful festive tribute for her beloved Staffordshire bull terrier, using fairy lights and festive baubles. The giant stick now hangs pride of place in her home in Maidstone, Kent.

Andrea added: “I got some lights and decorations that I liked and decided to get crafty with it, because I like to do stuff like that. It’s not been a great year, so I wanted to get the Christmas decorations up to feel a bit festive, and this is definitely one I’ll be getting out every year now.” Boycie had to be put to sleep four weeks ago after vets discovered a tumour on his heart that would be difficult to operate on. 

Andrea said: “Over the last year he started having infections, sore paws and then his breathing was getting a bit laboured. We took him to the vets and they said he had a tumour on his heart, but because of his age it wasn’t worth putting him through the surgery, so we had to say goodbye to him about four weeks ago.”

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