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Personality type quiz: Which of the 16 types are YOU? From the architect to the performer


People love to categorise themselves into groups in many different ways, from astrology to political views. The easiest way to determine what sort of personality you have, your role in life and how others view you is to take the 16 personality type quiz. Which of the 16 types are YOU?

We’re all aware of individual traits we have, but did you know that we’re all split into 16 types of personality?

The 16 personality types quiz divides every single person who takes it into one of 16 groups, including the logician type, the mediator, the adventurer and the entrepreneur.

These 16 types can be split into four subcategories: the analysts, the diplomats, the sentinels, and the explorers.

Take this quiz to find out which you are most like and read on to find out what that means.

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Which of the 16 types are YOU?



The architect is one of the rarest personality types and can count Michelle Obama and Elon Musk among their ranks.

This person has a thirst for knowledge, is a bit of a lone wolf and isn’t afraid to break the rules

The architect is a dreamer, fiercely independent, a good decision-maker, and very imaginative – they plan everything.


A logician is an introvert who gets lost in their clever, creative mind – think Bill Gates and Albert Einstein.

They’re prone to daydreaming and find socialising very draining, choosing to spend time alone with their thoughts rather than engaging in small talk.

However, they love a good debate and swapping ideas with people who share the same interests.

Sherlock Holmes is a classic logician, as this kind of person loves analysing patterns and getting to the bottom of a mystery.


A commander is an extroverted, intuitive, confident and natural-born leader.

Steve Jobs and Gordon Ramsay are commanders and you can see how they both strive for greatness, but might come across as cold and forgiving.

This person is very charismatic, loves a challenge, and inspires others.


The debater is self-explanatory – they love to mentally spar with just about everyone to prove their points and have a bit of fun.

This person plays devil’s advocate to help others become more open-minded and they also love learning about new things and coming at ideas from every angle.

Thomas Edison, Tom Hanks and Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean are all debaters.



The advocate is introverted and approaches life with thoughtfulness and imagination.

This is the rarest personality type of all because while they do have big dreams, they’re one of the only types who will take concrete steps to achieve them and making a lasting impact.

They stand up for what’s right, speaking with passion and conviction where it’s appropriate but choosing to be soft-spoken, peaceful and understated when necessary.

This person doesn’t have trouble connecting with others and their own feelings, and they care so much about their ideals that they often forget to look after themselves and their mental health.

Martin Luther King, Lady Gaga and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones are great examples of advocates.


The mediator seems quiet or unassuming at first, but they’re extremely innovative and emotional – focussing on the stories and conversations they make up in their minds.

This person is extremely sensitive, idealistic and empathetic, and they love a deep, meaningful conversation or relationship.

The mediator speaks their truth and is likely to choose a life path as a poet, writer, actor or artist.

William Shakespeare, Alicia Keys and Julia Roberts are all mediators.


If people often tell you that you have ‘main character energy’, you’re probably a protagonist.

You’re an extrovert who feels called to a greater purpose in life and is able to inspire others with their passion and charisma in every area of their life.

Protagonists speak up for what’s right, is a great judge of character, and loves to help people solve their problems.

Protagonists are leaders, like Barack Obama and Malala Yousafzai.


Campaigners are enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirits who have big ideas and lots of energy to see them through.

They’re extremely positive, love meeting new people and seek to find joy at every moment in their lives.

Robin Williams, Russell Brand and Will Smith are all campaigners.

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The logistician makes up around 13 percent of the population and they act with integrity, logic and dedication.

They’re normally the core of a family or business, feeling the need to uphold tradition, rules and standards.

This person relentlessly picks up the slack for others and does things for the greater good.

Angela Merkel and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter are perfect examples of logisticians.


The defender is a unique personality type since their traits are conflicting.

They’re sensitive but analytical, reserved but have excellent people skills and they’re conservative but open to new ideas.

About 13 percent of the population are defenders and by nature, defenders protect people and are super generous.

The Queen and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, are both defenders.


The executive is an administrator and nobody is better at stabilising force and managing people and things.

They represent tradition and order and have a strong understanding of right and wrong.

They value honesty and morals, so it makes sense that Judge Judy is an executive.


The consul makes up 12 percent of the population and they are very popular people.

Everyone likes them, they like the spotlight and they are the right person to lead a team or group of people towards victory and fame.

The consul is supportive, sociable, takes responsibility seriously, and always ready to have a chat, laugh or help a friend.

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez are both consuls.



The virtuoso is a bold and practical experimenter who loves to explore with their hands and eyes.

They’re rational but curious, love to make things and are desperate to learn from their environment.

The virtuoso is creative, works by trial and error, and is very spontaneous and unpredictable.

Bear Grylls and Michael Jordan are virtuosos.


The adventurer is a true artist and they use aesthetics and design to push the limits.

They upset the status quo, experiment and hate being boxed in.

This person has a passion for discovery, invention, experimentation and seeing things from a new perspective.

They’re introverted but spontaneous and prone to taking risks.

Lana Del Rey and Michael Jackson are adventurers.


The entrepreneur has an impact on their immediate surroundings, whether that’s through entertaining, starting discussions about topical issues, or simply bringing energy to a group setting.

They aren’t planners, they tend to dive right in and enjoy drama, passion and pleasure because they find it stimulating.

The entrepreneurial spirit finds highly organised environments such as school or the office a challenge because they prefer a hands-on approach and they like to follow their own moral compass rather than rules.

Eddie Murphy and Madonna are entrepreneurs.


The entertainer is generous with their time, encourages others, and is always breaking into song and dance.

They’re passionate, love the spotlight and make every outing feel like a party.

This type is super sociable, needs to look good, and is very observant and sensitive to others’ emotions.

They’re spontaneous and poor planners and they tend to spend too much money on luxury items and activities.

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