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Pippa Middleton’s birthday – how Kate’s sister inspired many women to make big change


When Kate and Pippa Middleton burst onto the royal scene in the mid-2000s after it was revealed Kate was dating Prince William, their bouncy brunette waves made headlines for encouraging women to embrace the more natural look. Erica Burnand, a hairdressing technical expert for VTVT spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Pippa Middleton and how to emulate her hairstyle. Erica said: “Pippa has not drastically changed her hairstyle and I think it’s good that she has found the style that she likes and has not bent to public pressures or new trends.

“As a hair professional, it’s important to work with women to find the styles they like or their own signature styles regardless of what’s trending. So I’m glad Pippa also reflects that.

“It takes a lot of work to get Pippa’s hair to look the way it does. She has her hair professionally coloured and it takes a lot of styling to achieve that look.

“Pippa’s hair is naturally less dense so it’s more about getting the volume. I would recommend using products more specifically for volume, before blow-drying and using heated styling equipment like with Kate.

“To keep the hair in good condition to achieve the smooth and defined curls that Pippa loves, the hair must be protected from the heated styling equipment, by using a thermal heat protecting product.”

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Inanch Emir, a multi-award winning Creative Director of Inanch London has been an influential hairdresser for over 25 years, and also offered exclusive comments for Express.co.uk about Pippa Middleton’s significant hairstyles.

Inanch said: “Pippa Middleton has been in the spotlight since her sister Kate Middleton first met Prince William in the early 2000s.

“Blessed with gorgeous looks and thick, glossy, tumbling brunette locks that turn royal princely heads, Pippa earned a legion of fans spanning the globe.

“Pippa undeniably inspired swathes of women to go brunette and embrace the natural wavy look.


“Pippa switches up her hair colour and hairstyles regularly meaning she’s always sporting a fresh new look, but it’s all within reason – and never too drastic.

“Pippa’s hair exudes health – something that starts at the scalp. If you’re suffering from hair loss, dandruff or oily hair book a Tricotest at our salon to get to the root of the problem.

“For every amazing Pippa Middleton hair moment, there’s an equally good style one to go with it.

“Pippa is a fashion icon and matches her hair and dress perfectly to reflect the occasion and who she is.

“Whether it’s a royal ponytail, her bouncy blowdry or longer lockdown locks, Pippa’s understated yet utterly glamorous hairstyles complete both her natural beauty and her outfit.”

Jessica Patching, hairstylist and founder of Marla Hair has talked about Pippa’s natural beauty, and how her hairstyles only serve to highlight her natural figures.

Jessica said: “When Pippa Middleton appeared in the public eye during the 2000’s she definitely inspired many women with her natural beauty, Flawless skin and soft beautiful waves.

“Seeing Pippa with not overly styled hair making the appearance seen as simple and organic influenced many women to embrace the more natural way.

“I think with Pippa not changing her hairstyles drastically it makes people feel that having a similar hairstyle for a longer period of time is by far what lots of women do.

“There’s definitely a large amount of the population that still like to change up their hairstyles and hair colour on a regular basis but I think there’s an even bigger amount of women that now will just alter something small each time they visit the salon rather than going for a full new look.

“My advice on perfecting Pippa’s hairstyles would be to keep colouring soft and of a similar depth to your own natural.

“Think of enhancements rather than changes. With styling your hair, make sure to keep the waves and flexible so the natural look comes across. I think Pippa’s understated hairstyles accentuates her choice of natural beauty and fashion choices.

“She can match clothing options and makeup altogether as an overall look much easier when natural is the look for all. I think her look comes across as simple but stunning and very well matched every time.”

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