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Pret A Manger under fire over poor staff pay- ‘Can’t afford lunch!’


A Twitter user shared a snap of a ‘We’re Hiring’ sign in one of the chain’s London windows. The sign reads: “Join Team Pret for good pay, good perks, and amazing opportunities.” It goes on to detail that team members get £8.91-£9.10 per hour and team leaders earn £10.01-£10.35, as well as flexible hours, weekly bonuses and free food.

The user captioned the image: “Staff shortages you say. Good pay you say. Starting salary *including bonus* almost 15 percent below London living wage you say. Team leader starting pay below London living wage you say. Go figure.”

The tweet has received more than 3,300 likes and thousands have commented their thoughts.

One man replied saying: “This isn’t enough money to live, and they are desperate, so demand more! Pret cannot make money without staff, and they can’t ship them in from elsewhere anymore.”

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One man said: “In fairness they are struggling to stay in business with more people working from home and hardly any tourists. It is not a good time for sandwich makers.”

Another said: “I am not sure Pret is entirely to blame for the fact that Britain is becoming prohibitively expensive for human life (beyond the £4.90 sandwiches of course).”

It comes after Pret was forced to backtrack on a decision to scrap staff bonuses and prolong temporary pay cuts introduced during the pandemic.

Following criticism for the decision, Chief executive Panou Christou wrote to employees to inform them the bonuses for high performing staff would go back up to £1 per hour.

Mr Christou said: “We have taken your feedback into consideration, and we have reviewed our decision. The business is still in recovery but it is important that we continue to invest in and support our teams however we can.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Pret A Manger for comment.

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