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Prince William reveals George and Charlotte’s favourite song


Prince William has revealed his children’s favourite song, and it’s definitely not what we expected.

Speaking on a new episode of Apple’s Time to Walk Fitness+ series, William said: “What I’ve been amazed by is how much my children already have inherited my family’s love of music. Most mornings there’s a massive fight between Charlotte and George as to what song is played in the morning.

“And I have to, now, basically prioritise that one day someone does this one, and another day it’s someone else’s turn. So George gets his go, then Charlotte gets her go. Such is the clamour for the music.”

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On the songs themselves, as first reported by Hello magazine, William said: “Talking about the song choice, William explained: “One of the songs that the children are loving at the moment is Shakira, Waka Waka. There’s a lot of hip movements going along. There’s a lot of dressing up.

“Charlotte, particularly, is running around the kitchen in her dresses and ballet stuff and everything. She goes completely crazy with [Prince] Louis following her around trying to do the same thing.”

He added: “It’s a really happy moment where the children just enjoy dancing, messing around, and, and singing.”

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) was Fifa’s official song for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It is one of the most-watched videos on YouTube.

As part of the Time to Walk episode, William selected two other songs that were important to him: The Best by Tina Turner and Thunderstruck by AC/DC. He was appearing on the show to promote the benefits of walking for our physical and mental health.

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