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Princess Diana’s iconic Harvard jumper – where to buy dupe for under £11


The Princess of Wales loved to dress up in designer gowns and stunning jewels from the royal collection, however, her casual style was equally as fashionable. In particular, Princess Diana wore a jumper with the Harvard University logo on it with some cycling shorts when going on runs and attending the gym. This look is very on-brand to the 1990s style, and royal fans will be delighted to hear they can emulate this iconic Princess Diana look.

With Princess Diana’s 60th birthday in July and the anniversary of her death just last week, many dupes of the Harvard jumper began to sell out.

For instance, H&M had a similar style worn by the Princess, but this instantly sold out as soon as royal fans spotted it.

However, Princess Diana’s popular 1990s look can still be purchased elsewhere.

University students heading back to their studies may enjoy purchasing this jumper, but even if you are not a student, the clothes item can still be enjoyed by many.


It is inspired by the American Ivy League university, and due to the re-emerged photos from the 1990s of the late Princess, the jumper has suddenly become very trendy once again.

To truly channel the 1990s style, royal fans will want to pair the jumper with a rollneck top underneath.

Princess Diana was often snapped leaving her gym, the Chelsea Harbour Club, dressed like most Instagram models today in the ultimate glam gym.

She used to always team her cycling shorts with a close-fitting jumper, designer bag, and trainers, looking impressively polished.

At Spreadshirt you can personalise your look, adding a name or other text to the front, back, or sleeves for £29.99.

A Harvard jumper from Missguided is just £18.20 in the sale, to look just like Princess Diana this Autumn.

For a more tongue-in-cheek Harvard jumper, another dupe from Amazon for £19.99 lets everyone know that you are not actually an alum.

The fun top reads: ‘Harvard Law – Just Kidding’, and is available in both grey and black.

The official Harvard University merchandise from Champion, emblazoned with the famed logo and seal, is also available on Amazon for £29.99.

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