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PS5 stock news: GAME restock teased for September following Amazon delay


Amazon was expected to be one of the next big UK retailers to offer PS5 stock this week, but it looks like fans will be left waiting until September.

The latest reports suggest that GAME and Amazon UK will be restocking on PlayStation 5 consoles next month, complete with thousands of consoles to buy.

From what has been shared so far, GAME could be prepping for a big shipment to arrive before the middle of the month.

That means the retailer will not be ready to offer any PS5 stock next week but could schedule its pre-order page to go live before September 15.

The latest information on the subject was shared by tracker account PS5 Stock UK on Twitter, telling console hunters this week:

“PlayStation 5 console listings on GAME’s bundle’s page have been updated with a new release date of 17/09, indicating a possible pre-order availability between 7-9 September.”

It should be noted that this remains a prediction for now and should be taken with a pinch of salt until we hear more from GAME.

Amazon UK was another retailer that had been linked to a possible stock drop this week, however, it appears this will now be happening around the start of September.

A follow-up message from PS5 Stock UK on Twitter reads: “We’ve spotted that the small shipment issue GAME faced two weeks ago has affected other retailers also, which is why only GAME dropped last week.

“Seems like the rest have been impacted slightly too as there was no Amazon drop today. If it ain’t tomorrow, it’ll be next week.”

Currys is another big retailer that unexpectedly announced a PS5 stock update this week, albeit, in-store.

And here are a few examples of how best to try and buy a PlayStation 5 console from leading UK retailers:

ARGOS: The Argos website is notorious for crashing and being unable to complete purchases when site traffic is high. Stock trackers suggest using the mobile Argos app and keeping an eye on local store listings.

GAME: GAME is a UK retailer that offers the most regular stock updates for PS5 consoles. However, console hunters have been warned to use Guest Checkout, as this option is less likely to crash when completing a purchase. The next PS5 stock is expected around September 9.

AMAZON UK: Amazon UK runs better under strain but still comes with a few kinks worth mentioning. Having an account set up with your card details is a good start, and gamers should also try adding a console to their wishlist before checking out. More stock is expected near the start of September.

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