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Python alert: Residents warned to be vigilant after TWO monster 10ft snakes found


The first python was reported to the RSPCA on August 28, only for another one to be discovered two days later just a couple of metres away. The find has raised fears that there could be more of the creatures roaming the countryside. One snake was rescued from a tree, while the other was seen “crossing a quiet country lane.”

Justin Stubbs, an RSPCA inspector, told CambridgeshireLive: “Having rescued last Friday’s python, I couldn’t believe it when the call came through to say there had been another found in almost exactly the same spot.

“I’m afraid that’s no coincidence – it’s looking likely these poor animals were abandoned, or have escaped from the same place.”

He described rescuing the first python from the tree as like a scene straight out of the Disney film The Jungle Book.

Mr Stubbs urged people to remain vigilant in case more vulnerable snakes turned up.

The RSPCA sought to reassure the public, telling them that the snakes were unlikely to pose a danger.

However, they advised people not to approach the pythons on their own and to maintain a safe distance.

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However, they are in general excellent swimmers, while some species like living in trees.

Large pythons are able to eat mammals as big as monkeys, wallabies, antelope and pigs.

According to the San Diego Zoo, a rock python was once found with a small leopard in its stomach.

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