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Queen Elizabeth known for ‘sending messages’ through outfit and brooch choices


Queen Elizabeth II rarely wears the same outfit twice and it is thought the monarch donates her old clothes to her dressers. She also tends to match her outfits beautifully with the same coloured accessories. An expert has shared how the Queen sends messages through her choice of clothing.

The monarch has access to some of the most stunning pieces of jewellery, and this includes an array of brooches.

While many of them are heirlooms, she has also been presented some special pieces since she has been on the throne.

The Queen will often pick her brooch very carefully, often wearing one that matches the event she is attending.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Georgia Michalopoulou, Personal Stylist from Your Fashion Lounge, explained: “The Queen is known for sending messages through her choices of clothes as she did with her brooch choice at Prince Phillip’s funeral where she wore a brooch that she was wearing on their honeymoon.”

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The brooch they offered to the royal was made of diamonds set with two pearls, a large round centre pearl, plus a detachable pear-shaped pearl drop.

For Prince Philip’s funeral today, the Queen opted to wear the brooch without the pear-shaped pearl.

Although the monarch wore it sparingly in the first years of her reign, it has become a more staple piece in her brooch collection.

The Queen spent two weeks in mourning before she returned to her duties.

Even when performing virtual calls, she has always added a special brooch to her look.

The expert explained: “On this occasion it seems to be more of a practical choice as she was wearing a simple shirt and a heavy brooch would make the look too ‘busy’ for a video call.

“And would probably ruin the shirt! I believe this time she wanted to project a relaxed and more casual look therefore the lack of a brooch.”

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Shame not to see her style any brooches today.”

Another replied: “Maybe it is placed lower down and cut off due to the camera angle.”

One other royal fan said: “She went for a casual outfit, it didn’t need any jewels.”

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