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Queen Elizabeth style: 70 years reign wearing floral and bird-feather hats


Since her accession to the throne at the age of 25, Queen Elizabeth has perched many hats on her famous curls. From faux-flower swimming caps in the early 1960s to furry winter Cossack hats, the Queen has worn every hat style imaginable.

In 1976 on her way to visit her accountant, she even wore a pair of falcon wings.

Earlier in 1962, Elizabeth wore a white-petaled hat, made en vogue for her by Elizabeth Taylor.

This was for the Epsom Derby, which was held every June in Surrey.

The year, 1962, was the first Jubilee celebration for the Queen, as it marked her 10-year anniversary.

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As well as wearing bright block colourful coats and dresses, the Queen will always wear a corresponding hat with flowers, bird feathers, or another fascinating style.

As the longest-reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth has given royal watchers many fabulous hat moments across her reign.

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 80th birthday in 2006 wearing a hot pink outfit with a matching hat.

Its tilted silhouette and fuchsia curls added a lovely twist to the monochrome outfit.


The Queen attended the 2013 opening of the Welsh Assembly in Wales wearing a blue turquoise hat with applique flowers.

This was a very extravagant blue hat with a pink flower at the front, offering a lovely contrast.

Queen Elizabeth attended the 2013 Royal Ascot, a horse race known for its strict hat dress code, in stunning style.

She wore a white straw hat, perfect for the light summer, and then accented it with blue feathers to match her attire.

Against the background scenery of Canada, this hat certainly was a crowd-pleaser.

At the 2013 Royal Ascot horse race, the Queen wore a lavender hat adorned with summery flowers and a purple bow that dazzled in the sun.

In 2016, Queen Elizabeth turned 90, which was the oldest age reached by a living monarch.

However, this milestone did not diminish the monarch’s love for flashy hats.

During her birthday parade, she wore a bright green hat with a stunning fuchsia flower.

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