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Queen ‘never, ever talks about herself or complains’, White House official tells


James Rosebush, a Reagan White House official and founder of GrowthStrategy.us, penned a piece for Business Insider, in which he hailed Her Majesty’s gift of winning anyone over with her social skills. He has met with leaders of multiple countries as well as huge corporations but he has singled out Queen Elizabeth II as the best he ever had the pleasure of speaking with.

In the piece, he gushed: “The Queen of England, clocking in as the world’s longest reigning head of state, was to me by far the best purveyor of the art of conversation.

“Having had the opportunity to talk with her on many occasions over several years, I was flabbergasted at how she had honed the skill to perfection….

“She never, ever talked about herself or complained about anything. The focus was always on the other person and delivered as if she were really interested in my answers.”

He also wrote that “natural curiosity in others is one of the most valuable traits a person can have.”

Other notable figures he said were equal in their talking strengths are George and Barabara Bush.

Of them, he wrote: “They were experts at deflecting attention from themselves. I remember telling her she was doing a great job as First Lady — which was true. I wanted to tell her why I thought so.

“She would have nothing of it. She immediately started asking me about my daughters and how they were doing in school.

“In this case, I had started the conversation about her and she miraculously turned it back to me.”

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The tips are similar to that of the best-selling book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, which outlined in ten steps how to dazzle anyone.

Tips included remembering people’s names and being interested in what they have to say.

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