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Reason wearing gloves in bed could be a must this winter

Reason wearing gloves in bed could be a must this winter

Wearing gloves in bed might seem an odd thing to do but it could be one of the best tips to take care of your skin this winter. When the temperature outside drops and central heating is turned on indoors, many people notice the change of season taking its toll on their skin.

And while it starts in autumn the brutal cold of winter can do the most damage. Sam Cinkir, CEO of Este Medical Group, believes now is the time to prepare and protect skin for the chilly months ahead.

He said: “Winter can cause damage to our skin as cold, dry air draws moisture away and makes our complexions dry and flaky. This can even happen indoors as central heating creates the same effect – leading to a range of problems such as acne, irritation and redness.

“In summer, our skin tends to be thinner as the warm air holds more moisture while our oil-producing glands create more natural oils to keep the surface supple. The good news is there are measures we can take to help prevent damage in winter – from products we use to lifestyle and dietary adjustments.”

Although skin types vary, all will benefit from a little extra moisture during this time of year. So getting your hands on a decent daily face cream is essential. Mr Cinkir explained: “Your moisturiser should be rich as lighter products aren’t effective in protecting your skin in winter.

“You should moisturise day and night, and your daytime cream should contain a high SPF. Many people forget the damage the Sun can do, even in the colder temperatures. Creams that contain hyaluronic acid are especially effective in protecting your skin as it boosts its flexibility and stretch, reducing the risks of cracking, wrinkles and lines.”

Mr Cinkir also believes it’s also what’s on the inside that counts, and your weekly food shop can go a long way to keeping your complexion glowing. Ensuring you eat enough nutrients and support your immune system will help your skin as it battles the elements.

He said: “The best foods for healthy skin include vegetables we eat regularly. For example, carrots are rich in Vitamin C, which helps produce collagen, a protein that is essential for maintaining skin elasticity. Meanwhile, leafy greens such as spinach and kale are full of skin-nourishing Vitamin K and anti-inflammatories.”

Getting plenty of rest can also aid your skin’s recovery so banking eight hours of sleep a night is essential. But there are some additional aids you can use to help your skin along.

“Invest in a humidifier for your home to help with your dry skin,” said Mr Cinkir. “This can help replace the moisture in the air that’s present during warmer months. Getting one infused with lavender will help you relax and improve sleep.

“Our hands are exposed to the cold weather and can become cracked and sore. Applying a generous helping of moisturiser and wearing soft, cotton gloves to bed will aid the skin’s repair.

“If your face is still struggling in the wintry conditions, consider treating yourself to a hydrating facial to give it the extra boost it needs.” Este Medical Group is one the leading skin and hair specialists in the UK, treating around 2,000 customers per day at sites including Manchester, London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Leeds.

It offers a range of gold-standard services, including hair-loss treatments and transplants, skin treatments, cosmetic procedures and more.

It’s a favourite of celebrities such as footballer Kemar Roofe, model Rhian Sugden, showbiz personality Anna Vakili and boxer Amir Khan.

For more information, visit https://www.estemedicalgroup.uk/

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