Home News Refugee boy, 5, dies in fall at UK hotel

Refugee boy, 5, dies in fall at UK hotel


It is temporary home to around 11 Afghan families who had helped the British Army and Government and whose lives were at risk.

Mohammed was staying with his parents, two brothers and two sisters.

His dad Omar is believed to have worked for the British Embassy in Kabul.

Afghan interpreter Jawed Jamal Akhtar, 35, who is staying at the hotel with his wife and six children, said: “Mohammed was leaning out of the window, and he has fallen.

“His mother was shouting, ‘Save my son, please’. Just the day before, Mohammed was playing cops and robbers with my children.”

Health and safety inspectors were at the scene yesterday.

Sheffield City Council leader Terry Fox said: “This is absolutely devastating, just so sad.”

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