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Remainer doesn’t leave enough time to catch his train in France and blames Brexit


One Briton took to Twitter to complain to the UK’s negotiator David Frost about the transport situation from France to Britain. He suggested that Brexit was the reason for being “stuck in Paris” alongside “30 other Brits”. He said: “We and about 30 other Brits are stuck in Paris this afternoon having failed to get our Eurostar owing to complex new post-Brexit police border checks.

“All EU citizens were boarded in time.

“Any comments David Frost?”

However, one Twitter user responded with an explanation of the reason for the delay and said: “I’m under the impression that French side customs have to check, vaccination certificate, Covid test, certificate of test taken within 48 hours of travel from France, passenger locator form, then put all this info on your passport.

“Once in the UK all customs want to see is your passport.”

The UK’s definitive withdrawal from the European Union on 31 December 2020 ended freedom of movement between Britain and the bloc.

New immigration laws are now in place for travel between Britain and France.

Britons still do not need a visa for travelling to France for tourism, if the stay is for six months or less.

A stay of longer than this duration is subject to the requirement of a visa.

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Travelling to France, including to work or settle, is permitted only with a visa.

The scope of mobility, in particular for young people, has been reduced since 1 January. For example, visits to carry out business internships or au pairing are not permitted as the regulations currently stand. Entry to the UK is likely to be refused for all visits of this kind.

In other news arch-Remainer, Femi savaged the UK’s Brexit deal and called for “those in power to openly acknowledge that Brexit was a bad idea”.

Today on Twitter Femi wrote: “We won’t be able to start properly limiting the damage Brexit is doing to people until those in power openly acknowledge that Brexit was a bad idea, to begin with.

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“As long as the fantasy of a ‘good Brexit’ survives, every decision we make will be literally misguided.”

However, Femi’s comments were immediately shot down by other Twitter users.

One said: “Some people will always ‘be damaged’ by the outcome of a vote but in a democracy the majority rules and if you don’t like it then grow up grow a pair and learn.”

Another Twitter user savaged Femi’s remarks and said: “It’s only remainers who consider it a mistake.

“What you’re perceiving as a mistake is actually just an outcome that people wanted and voted for, they just think differently to you.

“But you’ll never accept that and you’ll never move on.”

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