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‘Remember’ to make important mower blades change if mowing the lawn in winter – Mark Lane


Many people forget that a lawn can invariably take up the largest area of your garden, and to get the most out of it next year the following care and attention needs to be done.

Fallen leaves can quickly turn a lawn yellow and while it might be tempting to leave them on the lawn, the rotting leaves may contain diseases or pathogens that can work their way into the grass and the soil below. Also, the leaves will smother the grass, trapping moisture which, along with poor air circulation, can damage the lawn.

With ball games on the lawn during summer, walking across it, or using heavy machinery such as a lawn mower, the soil underneath the lawn can become compacted. This is not good for a healthy lawn, as it will cause the soil to dry out and the grass will not be able to take up nutrients.

Compacted soil can also lead to poor drainage. In addition, too much thatch, the debris left behind after improper fertilisation, can block air circulation and proper water penetration, which in turn leads to poor nutrient uptake by the grass roots.

Thatch is, however, a natural product of a healthy lawn and therefore beneficial, if it doesn’t get any thicker than 3cm. Naturally, the thatch is broken down by fungi.

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