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Returning Bristol mayor and councillors take office


Mayor Marvin Rees has returned to office today (Monday 10 May) alongside 70 new and re-elected councillors following last week’s elections.

As he was officially sworn into his second term of office, Mayor Rees committed to making life better for all people in Bristol with a focus on inclusion, tackling poverty and decarbonising the city.

The three-year term will continue to drive forward real progress on these priorities, supported by the collaborative One City Approach. Mayor Rees endorsed the theme of city poet Caleb Parkin’s performance of ‘Bring your ideas’ at the swearing-in ceremony, saying everyone is invited to be involved in the decision-making processes for Bristol, to make change happen and to ensure the full diversity of the city is reflected within the progress it makes.

Bristol City Council has welcomed 70 city councillors to the start of their three-year terms. The council chamber comprises 24 Labour seats, 24 Green, 14 Conservative and eight Liberal Democrat.

Mayor Rees said: “I’m humbled to be brought back in for a second term and would like to thank the electorate for endorsing this next chapter of change for Bristol. It’s now straight back to work – continuing to build houses, progressing our mass transit plans, working with Core Cities and partners to decarbonise our economy and activities, attracting the investment the city needs, particularly in jobs, and help many people recover from the inequalities Covid-19 is leaving in its wake.

“We have some huge challenges to overcome, but it’s our diversity of thought that will help us meet them. The One City partnership is all about bringing together people from all backgrounds, beliefs and political persuasions. We can help Bristol grow in the right way, sustainably and fairly, by working together with organisations that shape lives – such as our hospitals, universities, businesses, voluntary sector and trade unions. I pledge to continue to be a leader that’s accountable to the city and working to broaden and innovate our city leadership to get things done. We must work together to make life better for everyone in Bristol, creating a city of hope where we all can thrive.”

Mayor Rees confirmed the reappointment of Cllr Asher Craig and Cllr Craig Cheney as deputy mayors, with the same responsibilities of Communities (Public Health, Libraries, Parks), Events and Equalities) for Cllr Craig and Finance, Governance and Performance for Cllr Cheney. As part of ensuring consistency to the statutory functions of their portfolios, Cllr Helen Godwin (Women and Children) and Cllr Helen Holland (Adult Social Care) will resume their cabinet posts from today. Further appointments will be made in due course.

Giving thanks to departing councillors following the election results, Mayor Rees added: “I’d like to extend special thanks for the exceptionally hard work of Afzal Shah, Kye Dudd, Marg Hickman and Anna Keen. They’ve given so much back to their communities and the city over the years. I’m incredibly grateful to them for the invaluable contributions they’ve made.”

Watch back the swearing-in ceremony on the council’s YouTube channel, including a performance of ‘Bring your ideas’ by city poet Caleb Parkin.

For the full election results, go to: www.bristol.gov.uk/elections2021 

Ward map 2021 Election

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