Home News Scotland football fan shame as foul-mouthed, anti-English video sparks urgent police probe

Scotland football fan shame as foul-mouthed, anti-English video sparks urgent police probe


During the 14-second clip, a group of men repeatedly sing: “If you hate the f**king English clap your hands”. It was filmed at the Ochilview Bar near Falkirk, Stirlingshire as Scotland marked their opening game with a 2-0 loss to the Czech Republic on Monday.

The majority of the people in the video are wearing Scottish football shirts, while social distancing appeared to go out of the window for others.

Bosses at the pub later blasted the fans’ behaviour as “unacceptable” and said they were “disappointed”.

And while police are “assessing” the footage, others have claimed that the culprits could have breached Scotland’s recently introduced Hate Crime Bill.

The controversial bill – which critics claim could make some private conversations illegal – passed through Holyrood in March.

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“There’s two-tier policing with Rangers fans (whom the SNP detest because they’re mainly pro-UK) condemned for gathering to celebrate their team’s victory just days after Scottish Nationalists applauded anti-UK government protests in Kenmure Street.

“The SNP selectively apply laws, allowing xenophobes free rein, and punishing their enemies.

“For all that the SNP condemn England for voting for Brexit and dragging Scotland out of Europe against its wishes, their nationalist supporters are more parochial and xenophobic than any Little Englander.

“Scottish Nationalists were filmed at the border in hazmat suits yelling f**k off and doing dubious salutes to English cars driving up, with the tacit support of Nicola Sturgeon, who took 48 hours to issue a half-hearted telling off.

“Can you imagine the outrage if English nationalists went to Dover and shouted abuse at people coming from Europe?”

Writing on Facebook, the bar’s owners said: “Yesterday’s behaviour from some (of) our customers was unacceptable!

“A video being posted on another social media platform of singing uncouth songs was not condoned! We are disappointed.

“We are a family run business and never have bad press but after yesterday’s behaviour we have been tarred with the wrong brush.

“As I am sure you remember being asked to stop and the bar was closed after the outburst, to which you were not happy with but after (being) explained to by staff the reason we thought you saw the wrong doing in your ways.

“As a business we do not condone hate speech/songs and we can only promise to ensure that this sort of behaviour will not happen again.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are aware of the video which will be assessed by officers.”

The SNP has been contacted for comment.

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