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‘Shame on GMB!’ George Galloway launches bitter attack as Alastair Campbell joins show


Alastair Campbell has joined the ITV breakfast show this week for Mental Health Awareness Week. But the appointment has sparked fury, with George Galloway lashing out at the move. Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid today tweeted: “What a week for Alasiter Campbell to join the Good Morning Britain desk.

“Wins for Boris, Labour’s future and past, Scotland’s independence.

“All up for some rather lively debate.”

Today Mr Galloway responded with a tweet that said: “Shame on Good Morning Britain.

“Really, shame on you.”

Mr Morgan departed the programme earlier this year.

It came after controversial comments made on-air about Meghan Markle.

Mr Campbell is one of a number of personalities who have presented the programme, but no permanent replacement has yet to be announced.

In his first appearance on the morning TV show, Mr Campbell got into a dispute with his co-presenter Ms Reid.

The dispute was about whether or not it was acceptable for the media to refer to the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson as “Boris”, rather than “Mr Johnson”.

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