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Steam Lunar New Year Sale: When is the first 2022 Steam sale? Next Steam sale?


Valve has big plans over the coming weeks, and there’s a good chance you’ll be adding to your Steam library very soon.

That’s because the first big Steam sale of 2022 is expected to start next week, and there’s going to be plenty of discounts on leading titles to check out.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is scheduled to refresh the Valve Store with tons of new deals, including leading publishers.

These will range from the biggest to the smallest games, including DLC and expansions, as well as singular cosmetic bundles.

Valve typically doesn’t announce the dates and start times for their next Steam sale in advance, but that doesn’t mean PC gamers haven’t figured out what is happening next using other methods.

Leaks are the easiest way to determine when the next Steam Sale will kick off or by looking at previous launch schedules. And like most months, we already have a pretty good idea for when the next Steam Sale will start.

Last year’s event included discounts on thousands of games, and also included new ways to change user profiles.

A message from Valve at the time explains: “Browse recommendations and featured sale titles by genres and themes, using tags to drill down to the games that fit your favorite playstyle. Popular genres like Action and Adventure are just a starting point. Be sure not to miss our round up of Co-Op games and more.

“Start the year on a beautiful note with the Year of the Ox 2021 animated profile, miniprofile, avatar frame, and animated avatar. And for you big spenders—big Bundles are now available in the Points Shop! Save 10% when you purchase a Points Shop Bundle. Already own a few items in a Bundle?

“You can even complete the set and save. We’re starting with a small set of Bundles, and will be expanding the list in the future. Also, in celebration of the New Year, claim a free animated sticker each day of the sale, featuring this year’s zodiac star: the Ox.”

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