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Stink bug infestation warning: THREE tell-tale signs of an infestation in YOUR home


Finding an infestation of bugs in your is an unpleasant sight, but not knowing they’re there can be even worse. Renowned for secreting a horrible stench, you’d think these bugs would be easy to find, but like many bugs, they thrive in the deepest, smallest cracks around your home making them tricky to banish. It’s prime time for to migrate from your garden and into your home – and these are the top tell-tale signs you’ve got an infestation.

Like most common household pests, stink bugs are a harmless visitor so there is no need to panic if you do suspect a group of these unwanted guests in your home.

One of the frustrating things about stink bugs is that they gather in groups so if you notice one, there are likely to be a fair few more lurking around.

These surprisingly subtle bugs are hard to find because of their tame nature.

Stink bugs are a non-destructive household pest – causing little to no damage to the structure or the contents of your property.

Nevertheless, getting rid of them is advised to keep a clean and stench-free home.

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What do stink bugs smell like?

The aptly named bug is known to secrete a foul-smelling liquid when settled in a cosy spot in your home.

If an area of your home begins to smell, it may be the first sign of a stink bug infestation – so be aware of nasty odours near sunny spots with warm reflective surfaces.

According to Griffin Pest Solutions, you’ll often see them on light surfaces, homes with eastern exposure, and windows.

On their website, Griffin pest solutions state that: “A stink bug’s unpleasant smell lingers for as long as the secretion does–not the bug itself.

“Over time, the areas stink bugs frequent will become smellier and smellier–even if the bugs aren’t there.”

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Gathering stink bugs

The unique stench of these pesky bugs acts as an invitation for fellow stink bugs to join them in your home.

If you notice a bad odour in your home and find a few stink bugs, there are probably more hiding away in the nooks and cracks of walls and flooring in your home.

More and more of the bugs will gather in certain parts of your house, increasing the nasty stench as they soak up the winter sun during their hibernation period.

How to get rid of stink bugs

Keeping your home free of stink bugs is not a straightforward task for two reasons.

  1. These pests are seasonal but stick around all year: they will hide in your home through winter and burst out in spring when they’re ready to mate and fill up on food.
  2. Stink bugs release their scent when crushed.

Simply crushing a group of these pests will leave you surrounded by their skunk-like odour which can be tricky to get rid of.

Soapy water, a dust-pan and brush and sticky traps are your best-bet when it comes to banishing these pests from your home.

The good news is that if you discover stink bugs in your home during the winter, you can get rid of them before they are able to repopulate in spring.

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