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‘Stoic’ Princess Anne ‘outgrew emotional brother Charles’: 5 pictures reveal royal dynamic


Prince Charles, 72, and his sister Princess Anne, 71, have very different temperaments. While the Princess Royal is considered to be a chip off the old block from her late father Prince Philip, Charles is thought to be a more sensitive soul.

Anne celebrated her 71st birthday on August 15 and to commemorate the milestone, Charles shared a touching post on Twitter.

The future king posted an adorable throwback photo of himself with his baby sister taken in 1951.

The Clarence House tweet read: “Wishing The Princess Royal a very Happy Birthday today.

“In this photo from 1951, The Prince of Wales squeezes his younger sister’s hand while sitting in their prams in the Clarence House garden.”

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Anne could follow in her father’s footsteps and become the Royal Family’s rock, Judi claimed.

She added: “It was said after Philip’s death that he was the person in the family who they could always turn to for advice and, being much like her father in many respects, Anne might just increasingly take that role in Charles’s, especially once he has pared down the Firm as rumoured, making what could be some unpopular decisions as he does.”

The Princess Royal’s body language reveals she feels strong beside Charles, the analyst explained.

Judi said: “Anne’s body language always signals strength when she is beside Charles.

“In their earlier photos there were some shared smiles and laughter but as Charles morphed into a more solitary and pensive figure it seems to be Anne providing the solidity now when they are together at royal events.”

Charles’s wife – Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is also likely to provide him with key support once he is king but he will get his confidence from Anne, Judi claimed.

She added: “Camilla might be the key emotional support and prime fan for her husband but Anne might offer strength and what is known as ‘contagious confidence’ by her presence.”

Pictures of Anne and Charles standing beside one another during Philip’s funeral procession reveals their “complimentary body language.”

Judi said: “The photo at Philip’s funeral probably best illustrates this complimentary dynamic.

“Both siblings were clearly distraught but this pose shows Charles looking visible stricken and unable to sustain the more rigid, military-style poses of his siblings.

“His head turns slightly in Anne’s direction and the sight of her composure might just have been important to him in terms of silent support.”

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