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Stunning new electric bike launches from e-scooter firm Bird with an affordable price tag


Bird Bike also offers Bluetooth connectivity, as well as high-visibility LED lights that are charged from the main battery, as well as an LCD panel. This display shows statistics on your current speed, total distance of your ride, as well as battery life remaining before you need to recharge.

The Bird Bike is powered by a 12.8Ah battery, designed and built by LG, that will be removable so that it can charged separately from wherever you’ve decided to lock up the bike.

If you like the sound of this, the best news is the Bird Bike will launch with an affordable price tag. The Bird Bike is priced at $2,299 and will launch in the US and Europe later this autumn.

UK pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but – at the current exchange rates – the US price is equivalent to around £1,683. That’s much cheaper than equivalent options from manufacturers like VanMoof, Cowboy and Ampler, which charge £1,998, £2,319 and £2,890 for their bikes, respectively.

The Bird Bike comes in two colours – Stealth Black and Gravity Grey.

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