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Susanna Reid’s three most recent fiery clashes on GMB


Susanna Reid has been making headlines recently for her fiery clashes on ITV’s morning show, Good Morning Britain (GMB). Perhaps the exit of her feisty co-host, Piers Morgan, has allowed Susanna to pose more hard-hitting retorts which used to dominate Piers’s line of questioning.

The most recent clash saw Susanna arguing against guest Wendy Thorogood, chair of the Association of Child Protection Professionals.

Susanna stood up in defence of the grandmother of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, the six-year-old boy who was tragically tortured and murdered by his father and stepmother.

Ms Thorogood said she would have liked the grandmother to have acted differently.

Ms Thorogood said: “I’m not criticising her actions at all, but I would have liked if she actually had that child in front of her to seek medical intervention as well, because at that point in time if you take the photo you can use that for evidence.

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“But health is a part of the system as well, and that could have triggered a multi-agency assistance quicker.”

She continued: “She will be struggling enough, but my plea for anyone out there who is concerned about a child where there are visible bruises, seek medical intervention and that will trigger an assessment.”

Susanna blasted back: “I’m so sorry to interrupt, but she thought she was doing the right thing.

“She went to social services. Are you saying that social services couldn’t intervene, and therefore it was down to the grandmother to seek further help?”

Martin Lewis who was co-hosting the show echoed Ms Reid’s criticism. He said: “Does going to social services not trigger a multi-agency intervention?

“You have to go to a doctor? I don’t understand.”

This isn’t the first time Susanna has pushed back against guests on GMB.

Last week Ms Reid slammed Quentin Letts after he admitted breaking Covid rules last Christmas.


He said: “Quite a lot of us were disobeying the rules last year as well, a lot of people were.”

Susanna responded: “Hang on Quentin, you can proudly say you were breaking the rules?”

To this simply replied: “Yeah.”

Susanna continued: “There were people breaking the rules and being fined and scrutinised for it.

“For them, or for people who could not go and see people who were sick in hospital, who could not be with their families at Christmas, for somebody to say ‘Well I was breaking the rules, it was all fine’, and for that person to be in No 10 is outrageous.”

Another notable time Susanna stood up against one of her guests happened when Dominic Raab tried to defend allegations of “sleaze”, hurled primarily at Conservative MPs with highly paid second jobs.

Susanna tried to move the conversation on, but Mr Raab reported: “Sorry Susanna, I’m listening very carefully and hopefully I’ll get the chance to reply,” leaving Susanna stunned.

Mr Raab continued: ”Political lobbying has been banned but the question of whether you can have a job as a consultant, in the area parliamentary business or political has not been banned.”

Susanna, not to be outdone, interrupted: “That’s right, sorry in the interview earlier you said you were banning political lobbying. That has already been banned.”

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