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Taliban takeover sparks domestic terrorism fears ‘thousands in the UK see as a victory’


The former head of the national counter-terrorism security office has warned that the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan could inspire terrorists in the UK to mount attacks. Mr Chris Phillips warned that groups such as Al-Queda and ISIS in Afghanistan did not need to “export” attackers to the UK. He argued on TalkRADIO there are already thousands of people in the UK who see the rise of the Taliban as a “victory” and could be motivated to commit terrorist atrocities. 

Mr Phillips told TalkRADIO:  “ISIS and Al-Queda have always seen this as a very long game.

“That they want their caliphate across the West and across the world over a long period of time, they didn’t see it in a generation even but in many generations.

He added: “They see this as a victory across the world.

“And of course what that does is it emboldens all those people we have already got in the UK.

“They don’t need to export it to us at the moment.

“We have got thousands of people in the UK at the moment that see this as a victory.

“And may well decide to start attacking us from within.”

It comes after Pakistan’s Security Adviser Dr Moeed Yusuf warned there will could another “9/11” if western countries decide to totally turn their backs on Afghanistan.

Meanwhile last week, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned that the situation in Afghanistan is likely to get more “volatile” as UK and US troops withdraw.

Mr Wallace told BBC Breakfast on Friday: “We always thought there would be risk things would escalate as we left in general terms.

“Somebody wanted to claim they had kicked us all out, somebody would have wanted to grab the media attention and ISIS probably being the most ruthless, the mist cowardly when it comes to these type of attacks, but also the one that really has no regard for lift was obviously the prime suspect.

Speaking after the brutal terrorist attack at Kabul airport, claimed by ISIS, he said: “That has come out as predicted they have started to make operations, we say that tragically last night.”

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