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Tesco shoppers charged three times after weekend payment glitch – check your statement


Tesco customers paid up to three times more for their shopping over the weekend due to a software glitch. Angry customers took to social media to warn others and advise them to check their bank statements.

The issue started on Friday where shoppers who paid via online bank Monzo were charged twice on Friday, according to MoneySavingExpert.

Another payment problem, which occurred on the weekend, meant contactless payments were declined but shoppers were still charged.

Taking to social media to share their problems, shoppers warned others of the issue.

One person said: “@Tesco I was told contactless was down yesterday after I had already scanned by card. I was told it didn’t go through and I had to get cash out to pay in cash. But the payment did go through and I have been charged twice. Please can you help?”

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However, Tesco said it would issue refunds automatically over the next few days. 

A spokesperson said: “We had a temporary problem with a small number of contactless card payments in our stores on Saturday.

“We very quickly fixed the issue but we are sorry to any customer that was affected.

“Customers will only pay once and duplicate authorisations in their accounts will be automatically reversed.”

The initial trial of Whoosh will be available for customers in selected postcodes around Tesco’s Wolverhampton Willenhall Express store.

It follows the footsteps of Sainsbury’s who operates its own Chop Chop delivery business, as well as services through Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Tesco online managing director, Chris Poad said: “Customers are telling us that they would welcome the addition of a 60-minute delivery to their door options as part of our online grocery service.

“We’ll use the pilot to understand how Whoosh could work best for both our customers and our colleagues.”

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