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Tesco urgently recall earphones due to fault – ‘stop using’ in case of ‘burn’


Product recalls are issued when an item may cause harm to users due to health and safety reasons. When supermarkets recall food or other products, they let customers know why it is being recalled and ask them to return it to stores when possible.

“No receipt is required.”

Tesco also explained customers can “alternatively” claim a £30 voucher on the KitSound website.

KitSound is the earbuds’ manufacturer, and it has also issued a statement to explain in more detail why the product is unsafe to use.

On its website, the company said: “There is a burn risk if the charging case overheats and is subsequently touched.”

Earphones are not the only product Tesco is recalling.

The supermarket has informed customers of faults with two of its children’s products.

A ‘Hey Duggee’ book named ‘Duggee and the Dinosaurs’ is being recalled due to a manufacturing fault on some copies, where the foil on the book cover can be peeled off.

This could be a choking hazard to small children.

The other product being recalled is the Science4you Space Expedition set.

This play item includes a torch which could be a hazard to young children if the battery cover isn’t put on correctly.

Like with the earphones, Tesco is asking customers to return the children’s products to a store for a full refund.

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