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Tess Daly diet: Strictly Come Dancing host avoids carbs to maintain ‘enviable’ physique


Tess Daly has an enviable physique that she maintains by following a healthy lifestyle. Regularly sharing snaps of her meals and snacks on social media, the television star often updates her followers with what she is eating.

The Strictly Come Dancing host gave her fans an insight into her diet at the beginning of the year as she promoted Activia’s 14-day Challenge on Instagram.

She wrote: “Not only have I been eating @activiauk, but I have also put a little time aside every day to be mindful of my gut; whether that was slowing down, exercising or taking the time to cook a delicious meal packed with fibre.

“Taking a few moments in my day to love my gut really helped me feel happier and healthier…I highly recommend it!

“Looking after yourself helps boost a positive mindset too, which is so useful at this time. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

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“Too beautiful for words,” said Paul Lister.

The TV star also previously shared an insight into her diet.

She told fans on Instagram: “I find that making smoothies with wholesome ingredients and eating healthily in front of the children really encourages them to reach for the good stuff too and it stops them asking for chocolate.

“It’s good for me as my energy doesn’t slump afterwards, and I’m not reaching for sweet stuff to pick me up again.”

According to Healthline, it may also aid weight loss.

This is because it tends to be rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and nuts.

These foods are rich in fibre and may be lower in calories, fat and protein than animal foods.

The 52-year-old also previously told Women’s Health that she avoids eating refined carbohydrates.

She said: “If I eat refined carbs or foods that have the potential to bloat, I notice the baby pouch again.

“It’s never as flat as it was before, unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow and spend your entire life dedicated to the cause.”

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