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The £8 knife sharpener reviewers say made their dull knives ‘razor sharp’


If you’re on the market for a good knife sharpener you can have at home for on-demand sharpening, this £8 by AnySharp is the perfect option.

Roughly the size of a tennis ball, this compact sharpener provides powerful sharpening capabilities without taking up an obnoxious amount of storage space in between uses. Many reviewers were astounded by the small size of the mighty device, with one saying “how this genius little gadget is not all over TV and in every home is an absolute mystery. This small and compact knife sharpener has worked wonders on my kitchen knives and I don’t think I will use another sharpener again”.

For those who have used cheap knife sharpeners in the past only to find themselves deeply disappointed in the results, rest assured that things will be different with AnySharp.

This reviewer who had used many in the past had this to say: “I’ve had several knife sharpeners in the past that have never really worked well. They have mostly been cheap, so I was a little concerned that this was also going to be ineffective. I was wrong.

“This one actually does the job it says it will do. Really easy to use and easy to secure to a work surface. A few gentle strokes, drawing the blade back toward you is enough to transform an old blunt blade.”

AnySharp refers to their product as ‘the world’s best knife sharpener’ and as the sharpener currently has more than 25,800 glowing 5-star reviews on Amazon, they might be right.

The tool is super easy to use, all you have to do is use the PowerGrip suction on the bottom of the sharpener to stick it to a flat surface and run your knives through the sharpener on the top, which will sharpen the knife with diamond precision.

If you’re tossing up between this and a traditional sharpening stone, this reviewer who has tried both in the past said that the AnySharp tool is “absolutely brilliant!”

They posted: “I can’t believe how well this actually works. I struggle to get knives really sharp with a stone or steel. I have had similar types of sharpener before and not been that impressed, but this one is brilliant. I now have sharp knives! It’s easy and quick to use”.

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If you’re on the market for a knife sharpener but aren’t convinced this is the model for you, keep scrolling to see the following five best selling knife sharpeners on Amazon.

4.5 stars from 8,017 ratings

A similar concept to the AnySharp model, this sharpener can sharpen scissors and knives to a razor-sharp edge and has been proven to sharpen up to 10,000 times so you’ll be guaranteed a few years of sharpening.

RRP: £11.89, on sale now for £9.99 – you save £1.90

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4.6 stars from 4,644 ratings

This rigorously tested stainless steel sharpener is efficient, easy to use, and safe for those with limited mobility.

RRP: £12.96

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4.6 stars from 6,836 ratings

This manual knife sharpener works in three stages: prepare, sharpen, then hone. This ensures your blunt knives are perfectly restored and their sharpness is returned.

RRP: £10.95

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4.4 stars from 2,985 ratings

This product is a perfect multitasker, working as not only a knife sharpener but also a hands-free can opener, and a bottle opener – perfect for those who don’t want to fill their homes with space-hogging tools.

RRP: £21.48

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4.6 stars from 1,741 ratings

A more traditional option, this whetstone sharpening stone is a long-lasting sharpener that comes with all the accessories you need to restore your knives to their former glory.

RRP: £28.99, on sale now from £27.99 – you save £1

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