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The best towns in the UK to buy a used car amid ‘striking regional variation’ – full list


Despite not having the cheapest cars in the country at a median price of £15,494, Harlow does offer the lowest average age of used cars available at 3.3 years, with only seven other towns boasting lower average mileage.

Romford in East London is home to the cheapest cars in the top 20 list with an average cost per vehicle of £12,833 while the cheapest in the whole of the UK is Manchester at £9,397.

Manchester doesn’t make the top 20 however because of the high average mileage of its used cars at 56,929 and a high average age at 7.1 years old.

“The price of used cars has risen sharply over the past two years, but this research reveals there are still many affordable second-hand vehicles out there, and some offer great value for their age and mileage,” said AA Cars CEO James Fairclough.

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