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The expert’s guide to brighten your eyes and reduce dark circles

The expert’s guide to brighten your eyes and reduce dark circles

Due to ever increasing tiredness levels, research shows we’re reporting eye bags and puffiness like never before. “Dark circles, eye puffiness and lines around the eye are all part of the natural ageing process,” says Dr Unnati Desai, dermatologist for Nuffield Health (nuffield health.com). “Some people are more genetically prone. Those with darker skin types are more likely to have dark circles due to high skin pigmentation, while people with skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or allergies are more likely to irritate their eyes by rubbing, causing circles, puffiness and lines. And others are more prone to retain fluid around the eyes, leading to puffiness.”

As we age, our facial structure and the fat pads around our eyes change. The skin around the eyes thins and dark circles, puffiness and fine lines become commonplace. Lifestyle factors such as poor sleep, smoking and dry skin can contribute too.


Living well will show on your face. A good diet full of vitamins and minerals, drinking enough water to ensure you’re hydrated, and getting enough sleep each night are the key three lifestyle factors when it comes to keeping the eye area looking bright.

Lowering salt levels can help too, as too much sodium causes fluid retention and worsens eye bags.


You want to… BRIGHTEN

Vitamin C is your secret weapon here, along with caffeine, both of which are known to brighten skin and reduce pigmentation for a more even tone.

A good eye cream, applied daily, and a well-pigmented concealer are what you need. With the concealer, pat it on gently, allow it to dry and dust with setting powder to fix it in place.

TRY: Eucerin Dark Circle Illuminating Eye Cream, £32, contains patented ingredient thiamidol, which reduces pigmentation, plus plumping hyaluronic acid.


Adding an extra pillow while you sleep can help to reduce fluid retention, which causes eye bags. At the clinic, dermal fillers can minimise hollowness.

TRY: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Bags, £33, is a clever product designed for moderate to severe eye bags, which forms a film over the skin that tightens and firms.


Apply creams and make-up gently to avoid pulling and stretching the eye area. Incorporate an eye cream into your routine that contains hyaluronic acid. This attracts water to the skin to hydrate it and has a plumping effect. And consider a retinol, derived from vitamin A, which works to refine skin tone and texture, reducing fine lines.

TRY: Iraye Eye Revive Cream, £82, is like lymphatic drainage in a bottle, and works to increase micro-circulation and reduce water retention.


Cooling the area with an ice cube wrapped in a tissue, or a cold cucumber slice can help. A DIY massage – with a gua sha tool or fingertips – can reduce fluid retention and depuff too.

TRY: Caci Eye Revive Serum, £36 (cacibeauty.com), contains a potent blend of peptides, seaweed and hyaluronic acid to lift and firm, and reduce inflammation.

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