Home News The giant spiders invading Bristol homes

The giant spiders invading Bristol homes


The people of Bristol have documented spiders’ invasion of their homes by capturing them on camera.

At the start of the month, we posted a story to our Facebook page about spider season and the impending surge of large eight-legged creatures in our homes.

And readers responded by sharing their pictures of creepy-crawlies, from a family of spiders on a balcony to a “monstrosity” in a cloak cupboard. Scroll down to see the images.

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Spider season is due to start in earnest around the end of this week and the start of next, with arachnids expected to roam homes on the lookout for a mate. Male spiders tend to go walkabout, while female spiders usually stay hidden in the shadows.

The season is predicted to end in the first week of October, when you should see a decline in numbers walking around the home.

Here is our gallery of the best images shared by readers on our Facebook page.

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