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‘The real clown is Macron!’ President savaged by Britons over schoolyard jibe at Boris


The comment was made in a private meeting with Mr Macron’s advisors when discussing the migrant crisis, with the President referring to Mr Johnson as a “clown.” It is alleged his exact words were: “It is very sad to see a great country, with which we could do so much, led by a clown. Johnson has the attitude of a knucklehead.”

Sparking a reaction from Express.co.uk readers, Liverpoolguy said: “The real clown surely must be Macron.”

Agreeing with him, Constant said: “Macron by his stupid remarks has shown the French people what a clown looks like and all fingers are pointing at him.”

With the ongoing tension between the French and British over various issues ranging from the so-called fishing wars to the bitter feelings felt by France for losing a multi-billion pound deal to build submarines with Australia, one reader felt the French President “does not like” the UK.

Kat68 said “It is very clear the Macron does not like the British. He is disrespectful of the fact we voted to leave and whatever you may feel about Boris he is the head of our government so when Macron insults him he’s insulting us all.”

Speaking of the diplomatic protocol world leaders are expected to demonstrate, one reader questioned Mr Macron’s credentials as a head of state.

Lamados said: “To insult the leader of another country is very immature and shows that he is not old enough to be in the role of President. His immaturity shows his lack of experience and lack of ability to deal with the pressure of the position.”

He added: “To actually think that his condescending language towards the leader of the sixth-largest economy in the world will win him favour with his citizens in France who rely on UK investment to live off. His foolish act has shown most in France who the real clown is.”

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Spooks also questioned Mr Macron’s role in politics.

He said: “What Macron means is, this guy is way too clever for me so I have to insult him, same as the Australian leader he got the better of me so I will call him a liar. Macron is definitely not very smart when it comes to politics.”

Port Stephens said: “In diplomatic circles, Macron has already lost this minor battle, when you have recourse to namecalling and personal insults your credibility has gone.”

Contemplating the wider issues of bilateral relations between France and the UK, one reader questioned the ability of the two nations to continue talks.

Enoughallready said: “We can’t tell Macron how to behave, he is who he is, we must measure the man by his words and actions, as for Macron he has proven beyond doubt that we can’t seriously deal and negotiate with him, so let’s STOP.”

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Wolfman46 said it was time to bypass the French and ignore Macron’s playground-like behaviour.

He said: “No more cooperation with France completely ignore them and speak only to the EU commission. If they want solidarity, then let the commission hold the discussions and let’s cut out unfriendly EU countries.”

Adding to the notion of childish conduct, Rokketron said: “Macron looks and acts like the little boy that he is!”

Yet for some, Mr Macron has done more than damage to the reputation of the French overseas. One person claimed the damage has also affected the President closer to home.

BC said: “Boris acts the clown, Macron is a fool, he has tried every trick in the book to garner support for France, even the French have seen through his intention to sell out France to the EU.”

Nickv added: “Nothing will change until after the French election. Hopefully, Macron and his sidekick will be removed and we can start having adult conversations with the French again.”

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