Home News ‘This is on you!’ Corbyn savaged for tweet attacking Afghanistan’s ‘war misery’

‘This is on you!’ Corbyn savaged for tweet attacking Afghanistan’s ‘war misery’


Mr Corbyn took to Twitter earlier today to reply to an article that was titled “US allies scramble to evacuate thousands from Afghanistan”. The former leader of the Labour Party wrote: “Unicef’s warning that 10 million Afghan children are at risk is a catastrophic emergency.We can’t ignore the role of two decades of war in fuelling this misery.”

Mr Corbyn then replied to his initial post adding: “As the current Afghanistan crisis unfolds I am hearing from many Islington North residents with loved ones in need of urgent help.

“The UK must lead the international community in an urgent relief effort without delay.”

However, Mr Corbyn’s comments did not go down well with the public, with some people blaming the politician for the crisis.

One user wrote underneath Mr Corbyn’s post: “This has happened because people like you got your wish and had America leave. This is on you.”

Another added: “You’ve now got what you always wanted so this is partly on you, Jezza.

“What do you think would have happened if, as you also wanted, we’d left the Taliban in charge for the last 20 years without intervening.”

A third person said: “You are so wrong. The last two decades gave reasonable life for people in Afghanistan. You sound like you support the Taliban.”

Another user wrote: “So why did you campaign for 20 years for troops to leave leading to this inevitable catastrophe!

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Mr Corbyn spent years criticising Britain’s involvement in Afghanistan, but is now calling for the UK to “play its part” in the region diplomatically and help with the “refugee emergency”.

In 2010, the politician made a speech in which he said the war was “clearly unwinnable”.

He said: “The issue of Afghanistan goes on.

“The deaths continue, the soldiers continue to die, the war is clearly unwinnable.

“The expense in moral terms, financial terms and loss of life of Afghan people gets worse and worse.”

The speech came a day before a ballot in Parliament in which MPs would vote on participation in the war.

Mr Corbyn said he would vote against the continuation of British troops in Afghanistan.

Fast-forward to the present day, Mr Corbyn is now calling for the UK to play its part in welcoming refugees and in diplomatic efforts to stabilise the region.

In a statement posted to Twitter earlier this month, he said there was now a “serious refugee emergency in the region”.

He continued: “We must play our part in welcoming people seeking safety, and work with our neighbours to develop a multinational plan to help refugees, rather than tightening borders as is currently taking place across Europe.”

The news comes after a report by UNICEF revealed that millions of people are at risk of starvation and disease, as evacuations from Afghanistan continue.

David Beasley, executive director of WFP said 14 million people – one-third of the Afghan population – face food insecurity “because of several years of drought, conflict, economic deterioration, compounded by Covid”.

On top of that, the World Bank has suspended aid to Afghanistan, freezing hundreds of millions in funding.

It has provided £3.8billion since 2002 and has 27 projects there. Last week, the International Monetary Fund blocked the delivery of payments.

Meanwhile, the US and its Western allies are stepping up evacuation efforts after US President Biden stuck to an August 31 deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

More than 70,000 people, foreigners and Afghans, have been evacuated since August 14, the day before the Taliban swept into Kabul.

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