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Three easy ways to delay turning on your household heating this autumn


Fuel poverty is on the rise as the UK braces for an expensive winter. With gas prices reportedly five times higher than September last year, finding ways to reduce heating costs is more important than ever for households across Britain. Delaying the big switch to central heating is just one way to heat your for less – and these are the three ways to hold out on using your central heating for that little bit longer.

Benefits of delaying your central heating

It’s obvious that not using your central heating will save you money, but when the temperature really starts to drop later in the Autumn, it sometimes simply can’t be avoided.

Delaying the day you switch to radiators to heat your home is a surefire way to save some extra money but cutting costs is not the only benefit.

We all love the cosiness of a well-heated home but the environmental and financial impact has much less appeal.

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Opting for a few extra layers for a few weeks more instead of turning up your thermostat is not just cheaper, but a greener way to prepare for the winter.

With a whopping 40 percent of the UK’s C02 emissions coming from our homes, it’s a no-brainer to delay using central heating to warm up your property.

How to delay turning on your household heating

Energy efficiency in your home is key to trapping warmth and making the most of your heating when you do decide to put it on.

Larger properties will generally require more energy to make it feel noticeably warm, but it goes without saying that a property half the size could end up costing the same amount if it is badly insulated.

Draught excluders around windows and doors are vital to stop cold air seeping through those hard to find gaps.

Placing draught excluders around your home is a cheap and cost-effective way to avoid the extortionate increase in energy prices.

Energy is set to cost UK households £139 more this year, so checking your loft and wall insulation is key to maintaining precious warmth.

If you’re redecorating your home, thermal wallpaper may be a good option if you’re concerned about the increasing cost of heating.

Thermal wallpaper works by slowing down the rate at which cold walls absorb heat energy.

This insulating alternative to ordinary wallpaper could save you a considerable amount of money as its fast-acting properties are known to insulate rooms at a rapid rate.

According to Country Living, thermal wallpaper can increase the warmth of a room by 65 percent.

When you do decide the time is right to put the heating on, be sure to take a mindful approach to heating your home.

Unnecessary heating use will cost you more while contributing to dangerous C02 levels in the environment.

Express.co.uk spoke to Heating and energy experts at the clean energy supplier Outfox to find out why smarter solutions to heating are the answer to beating the price hike this autumn.

Smarter heating

Heating your home on a ‘when in us’ basis is a smarter way to keep your property at a safe and comfortable temperature when the climate turns cold once again.

Traditional central heating systems heat an entire house, but you may only need one or two rooms heated at any one time.

Utilising modern day radiators is a great way to direct heat to the rooms you actually live in rather than wasting energy and costing you more than you budgeted for.

Keith Bastian, CEO of clean energy supplier Outfox the Market and electric home heating provider Fischer Future Heat told express: “By switching systems or utilising modern-day clay-core radiators, homeowners are able to heat up each room individually – maintaining comfort with stored heat, without any waste or unnecessary costs.”

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