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Timid rescue dog who has ‘never wagged his tail’ from Hull seeking forever home


“We know it’s going to take someone extra special to adopt him but we have rehomed dogs just like him before and they are now thriving in their forever homes and we know Vinnie will too, but until that special home comes along we will keep trying our best to build his trust.”

Oakwood added: “Vinnie is a dog that has never wagged his tail at us in the rescue and they have never loved a human before. When taking on a dog like Vinnie you become their whole world, they finally learn to trust humans and learn that not all humans are scary.

“He cannot currently be touched at the rescue and so has never known a kind hand. The day that you can touch Vinnie will be an incredibly special moment for you both.”

According to TeamDogs, the perfect home that would suit Vinnie would be an adult only who is patient and willing to help him grow his confidence.

Households with cats are not suitable, however, those with larger dogs, preferably males, will suit the four-legged Border-sized pup too.

Due to Vinnie’s fear of humans petting him, he is not lead trained for walks, but staff will help potential owners how to tackle this when the time arrives.

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