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‘Total cost? £0’: Savvy shopper shares how to pick up groceries for free – ‘impressive’


Laura went on: “Sometimes I use the Too Good to Go app but only for buying from The Junk Food Project (a charity that redistributes food past its sell by date) and you get a huge bag of fruit and vegetables plus eggs, drinks, sweets and other groceries for just £4.25 per person of £9 for a family bag.

“It is important that you plan what you will do with the food before it goes off, like make some jams or chutneys or even batch cook meals in advance. I don’t let anything go to waste. I boil up chicken carcasses and make stock for soups, gravy, paella and risotto. I even fry potato peelings to make snacks!”

To help make money go further, the mum-of-one batch cooks her food and puts some in the freezer.

She said: “When I go to any supermarket I go to the reduced section first. It is important to have good knowledge of food so you know what you can make with it. One summer I picked up several cucumbers at 3p each and lots of tomatoes. I made gazpacho and froze it in containers which I then took to work, and had the perfect chilled soup (as it defrosts during the day). 

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