Home News Tower Bridge closed as Extinction Rebellion protesters clash with police

Tower Bridge closed as Extinction Rebellion protesters clash with police


Video posted on social media this afternoon revealed eco-warriors from the group clashing with police at the famous London landmark. In one picture protestors could be seen painting a caravan on the bridge pink as police officers fruitlessly tried to clear the road.

One video showed Met Police officers rushing to stop protestors blocking the key road.

The Twitter user added: “Clashes at Extinction Rebellion protest in London as protestors attempt to occupy Tower Bridge.”

Another tweet by the environmental group itself showed the bridge being blocked by a caravan and a van.

The group boasted about “continually” giving the Met Police “the runaround”.

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Another wrote: “This a tenth of the disruption that *will* be caused by climate change including death, mass displacement, and the breakdown of civilisation as we know it.

“Every other measure has been exhausted. What is your alternative to forcing Governments to act?”

“Because if they don’t start acting both radically and fast, then YOUR life will be at risk.

“And even if you don’t care about what happens to a single other human on this planet, surely you care about your own?”

While this user had no issue with the group’s actions – other slammed her comments for ignoring the effect they had on ordinary people’s lives.

One user said: “There are other ways. This will not get the support of the majority.”

Another said: “Do you honestly think blocking Tower Bridge will force governments to act?”

The Met Police have sincce confirmed that protestors had blocked the bridge.

The force said on Twitter: “Officers were on scene almost immediately. We are working with City police to get traffic moving again.

“Activists are also laying on the junction north of Tower Bridge, this is causing further disruption.

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