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‘Traitor’ Scots threaten to put ‘brick through the window’ of baker who gave Boris pudding


Michelle Maddox said “I was told I was a traitor, that I could get a brick through my van. Another warned me to not walk down a dark alleyway. The baker who runs the world’s only shop exclusively dedicated to the traditional Scottish dessert clootie dumplings said she was branded a “traitor” after she attended a Downing Street festive market that promoted British produce. Speaking of her shock, she said: “Who would have thought a clootie dumpling could have caused this?”

She posted images of herself outside 10 Downing Street on her social media channels, as well as a video of her presenting the Prime Minister with one of her dumplings.

Mr Johnson can be heard commenting on the size of the dumpling, which was wrapped in Harris Tweed, and thanking Ms Maddox for the “fantastic” gift.

She said she was then soon inundated with abusive private messages from independence supporters which left her “in tears” and “petrified”.

She added: “I can’t say some of the words.”

Another message was not a direct threat of harm but was verbally awful.

She said: “I was in tears and petrified and I’ve not checked Facebook messages on my phone again.”

Ms Maddox stated around a dozen orders were also cancelled, including one large bespoke order, although interest in her business has surged after other Scots, disgusted at her treatment, purchased dumplings as a show of support.

Scotland’s deputy first minister has condemned nationalists who have cancelled orders at a Perthshire bakery and have abused managers for attending an event at Downing Street.

Sturgeon’s independence bid torn apart after major flaw exposed

There is a distinct rise of Scottish nationalism being witnessed following Brexit.

Calls have been made to hold a second independence referendum, with the SNP vowing to make it happen before 2023.

The campaign for Scottish independence has been given a major boost after a poll showed a significant swing in favour of Yes.

The poll, undertaken by IpsosMori for STV, interviewed 1,107 adults aged 16 and over by phone between November 22 and 29.

Survey results state that 52 per cent of Scots would vote in favour of independence should an election be held tomorrow, with 43 per cent backing No and 4 per cent saying they did not know.

With don’t knows excluded, it puts support for Scottish independence at a recent high of 55 per cent, and support for the union at 45 per cent.

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