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‘Unbelievable’: Man living in caravan as he waits for council to repair his bungalow


Trev Fairminer started living in his caravan in March last year, hoping that the protest would make the council fix the damage to his house in Shepshed, Leicestershire. He claims that he has sent Charnwood Borough Council thousands of emails over the past 10 years, asking them to fix the damage at his bungalow.

Despite the requests, the 65-year-old says no substantial work has been done at the council-owned property, Leicestershire Live reports.

The resident, who is renting the bungalow, decided to start living in his caravan in March last year and hoped that would lead to the council taking action.

But one year later, he says the situation has not changed, claiming the council have “just not moved themselves”.

Charnwood Borough Council says it has offered alternative accommodation to Mr Fairminer, and it remains in dialogue with him about the issues.

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As a result of the inaction from the council, Trev has been living in his caravan since March and has displayed posters in his window and set up a TV screen to showcase the cracks in his walls.

Speaking to Leicestershire Live, he said: “Someone will come out for two or three months and then it’ll all change again and someone else will come out for two/three months.

“They’ll make a load of promises and then go away and nothing happens. It’s been like this all the way through.”

Last year, Mr Fairminer was told the council would start work on the property once a report was completed by a structural engineer.

A Charnwood Borough Council spokesperson said: “We received a report from Mr Fairminer about cracks appearing at his home in July 2018. Plastering work was undertaken however following reports of continued problems at the property, a structural engineer was appointed in 2019.

“The movement at the property was monitored over a period of time and it was determined that structural works were needed to the property.

“In order for this structural work to take place, Mr Fairminer was advised that he would need to move out of the property on a temporary basis.

“Since November 2020, we have offered Mr Fairminer five different properties. Alongside this, we also offered to take care of arrangements to help Mr Fairminer make the temporary move.

“Mr Fairminer agreed to move to an alternative property in June 2021, however by this point, the contractor was no longer available to complete the work. We made Mr Fairminer aware of this at the time he moved.

“A new contractor has recently visited his home to quote for the work and we will continue to provide Mr Fairminer with regular updates.”

Express.co.uk have contacted Charnwood Borough Council for further comment.

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