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Vaginismus and pregnancy: Can you get pregnant with vaginismus?


While some women may experience minor improvement in their vaginismus as a result of the birthing process, the condition may get worse for others.

The site reads: “Others may see their condition worsen as a result of additional trauma or recovery pain.

“Usually without treatment, the vaginismus remains, although each case is different and it is difficult to determine what a woman’s experience will be.”

Even simple routine exams during pregnancy will be difficult for most women with vaginismus, who may experience spasms or pelvic tightness during the tests.

The advice says: “For this reason, vaginismus may present problems during prenatal care visits, vaginal ultrasounds, pre/post-delivery pelvic exams, and other procedures.

“The best solution for these tightness problems is for women to treat the vaginismus so they can eliminate the limbic system response and make both intercourse and pelvic exams possible without pain or difficulty.”

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