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WATCH: Horror moment car smashes into house sparking panic in residential street


Shocking footage shows the moment a car crashes into a house in a residential street in Manchester. The car collided with three other vehicles on its way into the house on Cadogan Street in Moss Side. The crash prompted panic on the street, as fears over a gas leak sparked an immediate evacuation.

The crash, which saw the car lodged into 13 Cadogan Street, took place around 11.10am this morning.

The minute-long surveillance footage of the incident shows the driver suddenly reverse at speed into a car on the opposite side of the street.

The car then moves forward in a circle, hitting two other vehicles on its way before smashing into a residential house and coming to a stop.

Footage of the aftermath of the crash shows bewildered residents coming to their windows, while others pour onto the street.

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The video also shows a neighbour rush out to remove both the driver and passenger from the car.

It is thought that the crash was caused by a “nervous” learner driver. 

One resident described how the crashed car was “smoking like crazy”.

Another resident said that the driver appeared to have been knocked unconscious by the car’s airbags.

North West Ambulance Service confirmed that the two passengers, including the driver, were now in their care.

The street was evacuated for three hours when residents noticed a smell of gas. 

One person explained: “There was the smell of gas and they were checking but they say it’s okay.”

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service said: “Firefighters carried out safety checks and worked to make the scene safe.

“Adjoining properties were evacuated as a precaution following concerns of a gas leak. GMFRS established there was no gas leak at the property.

“Two casualties were transferred to the care of colleagues from NWAS. Fire crews were in attendance for one hour and 40 minutes.”

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