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‘We need this!’ M&S shoppers ‘twist ankle’ to get ‘best’ £1 product


Marks and Spencer often updates and changes its stock, adding new food items to its ranges to meet customer demands. One of the supermarket’s latest products has caused frenzy on social media.

The product has gone viral over the last week after it was discussed on TikTok by user @melika_zaidi.

The food enthusiast shared a video of herself buying a bag of garlic bread chunks.

A voiceover is heard saying “we twisted our ankles running to get the fresh garlic bread from Marks and Spencer”.

The video received over 200,000 likes and almost 6,000 comments.


Many commenters praised the product and couldn’t wait to get their hands on it themselves.

One person said: “We need this.”

Another wrote: “Girl does that say £1. Don’t mind if I dooo.”

One customer who had already tried the popular food commented: “Best garlic bread ever.”

One person alleged: “It’s not made fresh every day. It’s made frozen and then it’s there till it sells out.”

Another TikTok user said: “It’s not made fresh at all!”

One person commented: “Definitely not fresh.”

Another added: “Anyone else think that garlic bread is overrated or just me.”

Marks and Spencer introduced the garlic bread freezers to stores for the first time last September.

The retailer said it turns its leftover fresh baked bread into garlic bread every day, before freezing it to reduce food waste.

Paul Willgoss, M&S Food Director of Technology, added: “Our customers love the freshness and quality of our in-store bakery products, but their short shelf-life means it can be a challenging area for waste.

“Whilst we’ve made great progress in better predicting daily bakery demand and accelerating our charity redistribution, we’ve been looking at how we can innovate our processes to ensure we continually prevent waste.

“By turning leftover loaves into frozen garlic bread, we’re not only creating delicious new products for family mealtimes, but we’re also helping to spark change together with our customers to significantly reduce waste.

“What’s more, they can now be confident that the packaging they take home from our bakeries will be recycled and given a new purpose too.”

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